2021 Syllabus

Rules & Information


Provisional Timetable


30th January 2021

Senior Piano, Organ, Composition & Guitar



31st January 2021

Class C & Strings



6th February 2021

Junior and Non-competitive Piano


While every effort will be made to adhere to the timetable, the number of entries may not always make this possible. The Secretary will be unable to give more definite information until the entries have been received.

Most classes will be held at Rye St Antony School, Pullen’s Lane, Oxford. Senior Piano Classes will be held in the auditorium of Wolfson College, Oxford. The Class C piano class will be held at the TS Eliot Theatre in Merton College, Oxford. St Peter’s Church, Wolvercote has been provisionally booked for organ classes but this might be subject to change.

2021 Trophies & Awards

Linfield Ltd (Property Developers) has again given a substantial donation towards the prizes in class C.

First prize £200, Second prize £125 & Third prize £75

Cups will be awarded for the highest marks in the categories shown,
provided the winner has a minimum of 87 marks and subject to Rule 29.
In order to award cups the winner will be awarded marks out of 100.
The British & International Federation of Festivals’ marking categories are as follows:
OutstandingAn exceptional performance both technically and artistically
DistinctionAn excellent performance technically and artistically
CommendedA convincing performance technically and artistically
MeritA capable performance showing some artistic appreciation and/or technical ability
ModerateA performance showing development of technique and/or communication
FairA performance limited in its communication

Example Entry Form

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Printed Entry Form

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If you need extra copies of the form in the centre section of the syllabus. You can view it by clicking the image above.
You should be able save or print the form from your browser. You can also use the on-line entry process.

Full Printed Syllabus

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This is the latest version of the 2020 Syllabus.

COVID-19 Impact

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As you can see our syllabus differs markedly from previous years. The impact of COVID-19 on us all had to be taken into account when planning the 2021 festival. This was made doubly difficult because the situation is continually changing and no one knows what restrictions will apply in January/February next year.

After considering our options we decided go ahead with a festival that is consistent with social distancing practice as at the time of planning (late July early August 2020). Should the situation be more relaxed come next year then some of the precautions we’re planning won’t be necessary. If social distancing guidelines become more restrictive then we will cancel the festival. Rest assured, if we do have to cancel we will refund all entry fees already paid. Social distancing guidance has forced us to make the following changes to this year’s syllabus:-

  • There will be no vocal, wind or choir classes as per Government guidelines in July 2020.
  • There will be no duet, trio and ensemble classes with the exception of the family class where entrants will have to come from the same social distancing bubble and cannot include vocalists or wind players.
  • The need to enforce one-way systems and sanitise between performances and classes will restrict the number of entries that can be accommodated on the day so we have reduced the number of classes in each section.
  • There will be no festival concert this year.

We will also be taking the following additional precautions:-

  • We will take the temperature of people entering the main venues. We will be forced to refuse entry to anyone with a high temperature reading.
  • We will advise all entrants that if they have tested positive or have shown symptoms in the two weeks prior to their attanding the festival not to attend. We will refund the entry fees of anyone forced to withdraw as a consequence.
  • We ask that anyone considered at risk/vulnerable does not attend this year’s festival.
  • Hand sanitiser will be available at all festival locations.
  • Performer’s seating, keyboards etc will be sanitised between each performance.
  • If a messenger steward is available they will be reponsible for sanitising used audience seating otherwise audience members will be asked to sanitise their seats before they leave.
  • We will support contactless electronic payment at the main venues to reduce risks from the exchange of cash.
  • We will be asking all participants to wear masks if the current guidance requires it. We will be forced to refuse entry to anyone not complying.
  • Any performer needing a music stand must bring their own.
  • Festival officials will not act as page turners should a performer need one. The page turner must come from within the performer’s social distancing bubble.
  • Adjudicator’s stewards will need to be socially distanced from adjudicators.
  • Where practical one-way systems will be implemented.
  • Audiences will be restricted to numbers that allow the recommended social distance to be maintained.
  • We will not be providing any refreshments, but a room will be made available where participants can consume any refreshments they’ve brought with them.
  • Practice/warm up rooms will not be available.