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There are number of steps that must be taken to complete the entry process please read each section below carefully. Failure to carry out each step could mean your entry will not get processed.

  1. Below is the list of classes you have selected so far. To complete the entry process you must provide all the information needed for each entry. Until you do the entry will show as 'Incomplete' in this list. You can add the inforation by clicking on the edit icon to the left of the entry.

    Once you have added the required infomation and save the entry the status will change from 'Incomplete' to 'Validated'.

    If you change your mind it's possible to delete an entry by clicking the delete icon to the right of the edit icon.

    You can add additional classes by clicking the 'Add Class to My Entries' button in the Syllabus section or by clicking the 'Add Entry' button on this screen. Entries added from the Syllabus section will show as incomplete until you've added the additional information here.

  2. Each entry must be printed using the print icon to the right of the edit icon.

  3. The following should then be sent to the Entries’ Processor, 26 Fane Road, Marston, Oxford OX3 0SA.

    • The signed entry forms
    • A stamped addressed envelope for the entry tickets
    • A cheque made payable to the Oxford Music Festival covering the cost of all entries and any voluntary donation you wish to make.

    If we don't receive these items by the closing date your entry will not be processed.

  4. You will not be able to to print an entry until it is 'Validated'. You will also not be able edit or delete an entry that has already been processed. Processed entries will have the status 'Entered'.

NB Some features will only work correctly if you enable pop-ups for this site.

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