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The Friends are an essential part of the Oxford Music Festival. They lend their interest and enthusiasm to every aspect of the Festival. They attend the Festival, both as visitors and helpers, and collectively donate a substantial amount of money to help with our running costs which now exceed £11,000 - of which less than £8,000 comes from the box office and participation fees.

For a minimum donation of £20 (£30 per couple) per year (more is always welcome!) FRIENDS are entitled to:

  • Free admission to all sessions during the Festival
  • Free Festival Programme
  • Free admission to the Festival Concert
  • Receive a Festival Syllabus automatically
  • Receive an invitation to the AGM, which is followed by a short concert with wine and refreshments.

If you would like to become a FRIEND please send us a completed version of the donation/declaration form.

If you are a tax-payer your donation can be gift-aided, increasing your donation by 25p for each £1 you give. All we need is for you to sign the declaration that you are a standard rate tax-payer on the printed form. We do the rest.

A donation/declaration form can be generated by clicking on the Generate Form Button below and entering your details. Print this form and send it together with your donation to: Peter Stutfield, Red Hill Barn, Church Hill, Forest Hill, Oxford, OX33 1EG. Please make cheques payable to The Oxford Music Festival.

We like to acknowledge our Friends by printing their names in our programme and listing them on this web site; if you would rather your name did not appear, please say so.

Here's the current list of friends (who haven't requested anonymity).

Current Festival Friends
The Appel family
Dr J Aron
Mr P & Mrs L Bobby
Mr R & Mrs T Bomford
Dr K & Dr E Brain
Dr G Chapman
Mrs M Cooper
Professor J & Mrs H Creaser
Dr H A Dickinson
Mrs J Donald
Mr T & Mrs S Dukes
Mr G Fergus-Thompson
Mrs V Harvey
Mrs M Hermon
Mrs P Hoghton
D & B Hope
Miss N Jones
Mr F & Mrs H Kennedy
Miss R Knagg
Mrs M Leighfield
Dr B Loughman
Miss G McCay
Dr D & Mrs V Mannion
Mr D Nutt
Miss H Rankin
Dr N & Mrs R Ringshall
Dr F E Robson
Mr M & Mrs S Saxby
Mr A.K. & Mrs A S Senanu
Mrs J Sperber
Dr R & Mrs M Stinchcombe
Mr P & Mrs J Stutfield
Mrs B Taylor