2019 Entry Form

You can enter the festival by typing your details into the form below. Preview your completed form and if you are happy with it print it. The printed form should then signed and posted to the Entries Processor with a correctly sized stamped addessed envelope and a cheque for the total amount shown on the form. The Entries Processor address is as follows:-

26 Fane Road

If you are submitting a number of entries you need only update those details that are different from the previous entry then preview, print and sign as before.

Alternatively you can use the form at the centre of the syllabus or download a copy of that form from this site. Please note GDPR regulations mean that we are unable to accept entries that aren't on a correctly filled out 2019 entry form.

Please note this is an early version of the form so there are a few restrictions at the moment. They are the following :-

  • Your browser must allow 'pop-ups' for the form to work
  • In most browsers a preview of the final form will be shown when the preview button is selected. You then have the option to close the preview or print the form. This feature isn't supported by the older Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, instead it will load the pdf into a new tab where you can preview and print the form. The newer Microsoft Edge Browser does support the preview feature.
  • When print is selected the form will be loaded into a new tab where you will be able to print the form using standard browser print features. If printing using the Firefox browser you might be prompted to load a pdf file into the Adobe Acrobat reader, if you are say yes and print from the Adobe Acrobat reader.
  • The form doesn't work well on smaller screens such mini pads or smart phones. We suggest orienting your device in landscape mode if you're experiencing problems.

Please select the section and class you wish to enter below

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Please specify anything here that could impact when and where we schedule this class. e.g. this person cannot be available on Saturday mornings or we require time to set up staging/instruments. We will do our best to accommodate these requirements when timetabling but cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

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Declarations & Consents

Please read our Data Privacy Notice, Child Protection Policy and our Approach to Creating Safer Festivals then check the boxes below to indicate your acceptance.
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